Tips to Help Minimize White Spots While Wearing Braces

Every orthodontic patient with braces in South Lyon, MI, looks forward to the day their braces are removed and they can see their beautiful, unhindered smile! Unfortunately for some patients, there are white spots outlining the area where their braces once were. These white spots are known as demineralization and are a result of poor brushing are caused by plaque and food not being removed from the teeth by good oral hygiene during treatment.

The food interacts with bacteria on the teeth (otherwise known as plaque) causing acid to form. This acid is what eats away at the calcium and phosphate of the teeth causing white spots or demineralization. These spots can also become sensitive and can result in cavities requiring dental work/fillings.

Dr. Reynolds and her staff at Crescent Orthodontics work hard to establish good oral hygiene with all of our patients. If good oral hygiene is not practiced while wearing braces, a square white mark around the bracket can occur. Once this demineralization has occurred, unfortunately, it cannot be reversed. This is why it is so important to prevent them from occurring by following instructions that you are given from the first day you get your braces until the day they are removed. Dr. Ashley L. Reynolds and her staff at Crescent Orthodontics offer these tips to brace wearers in South Lyon, MI to help minimize these white spots:

– Brush thoroughly after eating to remove all food from around the braces

– Floss daily

– Use a fluoride rinse daily

– Limit sugary sodas, juices and snacks

Remember to brush thoroughly and often, and keep your regular cleaning appointments with your general dentist throughout orthodontic treatment . Follow these guidelines from Dr. Reynolds and her amazing team at Crescent Orthodontics to make sure you have the best smile in town! If you have any questions about your oral hygiene please feel free to contact us.

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