Braces for Teens

Braces for Teens in South Lyon, MI

Braces for Teens in South Lyon, MI

Dr. Reynolds has been caring for the orthodontic health of children, teens, and adults in the South Lyon community for over twenty years. She offers several braces options and uses the latest technology to develop a personalized treatment plan that will move your teen’s teeth into proper alignment and give them a gorgeous, healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

When you schedule your teen’s free initial consultation, Dr. Reynolds will assess their teeth and make a treatment recommendation that meets their unique orthodontic needs as well as their preferences and lifestyle. The types of braces we offer include traditional metal braces, clear (ceramic) braces, and Invisalign® clear aligners.

Say Goodbye to Gross, Goopy Impressions and Hello to Your Gorgeous Future Smile!

Dr. Reynolds can show you today what your gorgeous smile will look like tomorrow. Using cutting edge imaging technology, we can create a real-time 3D rendering of your mouth and then show you how your teeth will move over the course of your treatment to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Why you’ll love our Crescent 3D Scanner:

  • It’s comfortable – There are no bulky impression trays or gross-tasting goop
  • Better precision – Our advanced software allows Dr. Reynolds to make prices adjustments to move your teeth exactly where they need to be for a beautiful, healthy smile.
  • You can track your progress – Dr. Reynolds will be able to show you computer models of your own teeth so you can see the progress you have made and what your smile will look like at the end of treatment.

Braces That Meet Your Teen's Needs and Let Their Personality Shine Through

Depending on their unique orthodontic needs and smile goals, your teen will be wearing his or her braces for the next one to three years, on average. But having braces doesn’t have to cramp their style.

Our metal and clear (ceramic) braces for teens allow them to customize the colors of their elastics. Whether they want to show their school spirit, support their favorite sports team, or just feel like jazzing things up, our palette of 25 elastics colors allows for thousands of different possible combinations.

Braces That Meet Your Teen's Needs and Let Their Personality Shine Through

Customize Your New Patient Experience

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Meet Some of Our Rockstar Patients

We take pride in giving all of our patients the healthy, beautiful smiles that they deserve – but don’t just take our word for it. Watch and see for yourself as actual Crescent Orthodontics patients talk about how Dr. Reynolds and her staff are changing their lives – and their smiles.

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