Fixing Orthodontic Emergencies near Novi, MI

Accidents happen. No matter what age you are or stage of treatment you are in, you are at risk of an orthodontic emergency near Novi, MI. The best thing to do is not only to try to avoid them, but to learn how to care for them once they happen as well. That is why Crescent Orthodontics wants to help you through every step of orthodontic emergencies:

Avoiding Orthodontic Emergencies

The first step in making sure that your orthodontic treatment near Novi, MI goes smoothly is taking measures to avoid accidents and potentially harmful emergencies. This can be done by following the exact care instructions given to you by Dr. Reynolds. For example, make sure not to eat any extremely hard or sticky foods, as these can cause breakages in some braces parts. Additionally, make sure that you are protecting your braces when participating in physical activities such as sports. Crescent Orthodontics highly recommends wearing a mouth guard, as this will block any harm to the braces and keep your entire mouth safe from injury. Finally, be sure that you are brushing and flossing properly throughout the entire length of treatment. Doing so is crucial to oral health but also to the prevention of emergencies because using the right products will help to clean the teeth without harming braces near Novi, MI.

Caring for Emergencies

Even after taking all these steps to prevent injuries, orthodontic emergencies do still occur. Common examples of orthodontic emergencies near Novi, MI include:

       Broken or lost retainer

       Poking wires

       Loose or broken brackets

       Cuts in the mouth

       Pain or discomfort

If you are experiencing any of these, the first step to take is to create a temporary solution. For example, place wax on a prodding wire, or rinse your mouth with hot water if you have cuts. This way, you will feel much more comfortable and prevent the injury from getting worse. Then, the next most important thing to do is Contact Crescent Orthodontics immediately. Orthodontic emergencies near Novi, MI that go untreated will not only cause more pain and discomfort, but can also be a huge setback to treatment. Therefore, it is crucial that you make an appointment to come in to our office near Novi, MI as soon as possible. Dr. Reynolds will examine your case and work quickly to repair and correct the damage. The team will also give you more tips on how to prevent this from happening again in the future.

At Crescent Orthodontics, we get it. Braces near Novi, MI can easily break, retainers can get lost, and injuries can happen. Patients near Novi should always try to care for their braces as best as they can, and follow the tips listed above to prevent accidents, but most importantly, patients should come in to Crescent Orthodontics any time there may be something wrong with a part or appliance, as well as for consistent regular checkups. If you would like to learn more about prevention, or are having your own orthodontic emergency, Contact Dr. Reynolds and the team at Crescent Orthodontics at (248) 437-3377.

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