4 Problems With Your Teeth That Can Be Corrected at Crescent Orthodontics

Do any of the following resonate with you? If so, now may be a good time to contact an orthodontist!

1. Openbites, underbites, overbites and deep overbites – Dr. Ashley L. Reynolds of Crescent Orthodontics in South Lyon, MI specializes in the correction of all four malocclusions. Dr. Reynolds encourages that patients be evaluated by the age of 7. Some of these problems if treated early, can increase the chance that they can be corrected without surgery. Dr. Reynolds will recommend your customized plan if treatment is needed at your free initial consultation.

2. Too many teeth or missing teeth – Having extra teeth is called hyperdontia while some people have teeth that never form and are called congenitally missing. Dr. Reynolds treats both of these conditions to ensure you have a beautiful, healthy smile.

3. Crooked teeth – Improving alignment can improve your overall dental health as it is easier to brush and floss straight teeth.

4. Spacing – Healthy teeth are designed to contact each other to avoid food impaction. Orthodontic treatment can not only close your spacing and improve your smile, but also help protect your gum tissue from potential damage and/or disease.

If you have any of the above orthodontic problems or concerns, please contact our practice at 248-437-3377 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation with Dr. Reynolds.

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