New to Braces? The Best Soft Foods for a Sore Mouth

Here at Crescent Orthodontics in South Lyon, MI, we are passionate about providing an easy and enjoyable experience for each of our patients. We are so glad you started your journey to a new smile with us! We know that the journey can take some getting used to though, and your teeth might be sore at first. Don’t worry, your mouth will adjust to your new braces quickly, but in the meantime, here are some of our favorite soft foods for sore teeth.

Remember, it is still important to maintain a balanced diet, so rotate through the below soft food options.

Oatmeal or Porridge

Breakfast is of course the most important meal of the day, so a great way to get some delicious, but soft nutrients first thing in the morning is with oatmeal! Not only is it incredibly soft and tasty, it is super versatile, so you won’t get tired of oatmeal. You can enjoy it the classic way, with some butter and brown sugar, or add fresh berries and peanut butter to try something different. Get creative with your toppings until you find your favorite oatmeal combination. Try this yummy chocolate chip oatmeal if you’re looking for a filling and healthy dessert!

Protein Shakes or Smoothies

Protein shakes and smoothies are another perfect breakfast item, especially if you have a busy morning ahead of you. Try mixing a protein powder with your favorite milk, or blend together a banana, mango, pineapple and coconut milk for a tasty tropical treat! The smoothie recipe possibilities are endless! Here are some smoothie recipes to inspire your very own smoothie creations. Midday cold smoothies also serve as the perfect cooling treat during a hot summer’s day.


While braces may seem like a great excuse to get you out of eating crunchy carrots and other tough vegetables, there are still plenty of ways to make veggies soft and friendly for sore mouths. Soften any crunchy vegetable by steaming it and enjoy it alongside your favorite soft protein.

Another great way to sneak some soft veggies into your diet is to add them to your smoothie. It might sound gross at first, but blend a handful of spinach, kale or even some avocado into your smoothie for added health benefits you won’t even taste! You will get the nutritional benefits of these veggies, but you will only taste the fruit in your smoothie – it’s a perfect solution!

Make an entire meal out of your vegetables by simmering them into a cozy seasonal soup. Try one of these delicious, creamy soups for you next dinner! Baked potatoes are another great and filling vegetable to have for dinner, and they only take a few minutes to prepare!


You definitely won’t want to bite into a tough apple after getting braces, but if you’re craving an apple, applesauce is a perfect soft food swap! There are also several naturally soft fruits you can snack on like berries, peaches, melons and bananas. Take into consideration that fruits that are in season because they will taste the freshest.

Other creative ways to snack on fruit include baking or simmering the fruit, adding it into your smoothies, or enjoying these fresh homemade popsicles.

Pasta and Grains

One of the most filling soft food groups is also one of the most satisfying – pasta and grains! Try some plain white rice with a side of steamed veggies, or a hardy classic, mac and cheese! Make a cold pasta salad with olives and tomatoes, or add some broccoli and cheese to a bed of rice for a full soft-food dinner!

Stay away from hard breads like baguettes or toasted bread, but a soft piece of bread with your favorite smooth nut butter and some jelly can serve as the perfect soft lunch.

Try one of these delicious and healthy pasta recipes.


Another easy and versatile breakfast or snack food is greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is smooth and cold, which is an added bonus for sore gums and teeth. Add some fresh berries and honey for a sweet, summer inspired parfait. Bananas and peanut butter make a great yogurt topping as well.

Yogurt is packed with protein and healthy probiotics, so it is not only a soft food, but is also a healthy little dish. As long as you leave the granola or crunchy cereal out of your yogurt, it should serve as the perfect, cooling little snack.

Several of these soft food categories can be combined with other foods on this list to make a complete meal and to keep you full. Add fruit to your oatmeal, veggies to your pasta or veggies to your smoothies, and you will have your food pyramid covered!

Your mouth will adjust quickly to your braces and the soreness will soon go away, but in the meantime, stick to these soft foods and let your teeth rest. Be sure to cook any crunchy food well and to stay away from tough meats like chicken and steak. Chop your fruits and veggies up nicely, and don’t be afraid to use a blender. You will be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods again soon.

Dr. Reynolds is here to answer any questions you might have about your orthodontic journey. We are here to help you through the entire process. We know you will love the end result of your journey!

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