Invisalign for Adults is a Great Orthodontic Treatment Option

Orthodontics know no age limit. While many adults feel embarrassed or overwhelmed by the thought of having to undergo orthodontic treatment, the truth of the matter is that adult orthodontics is very common, especially with Invisalign treatment. In fact, statistics have shown that one in every five patients in orthodontic treatment is over 21! Crescent Orthodontics believes in granting a beautiful smile to patients of any age. And while adult braces may seem like a scary idea, consider some of the following before ruling out treatment with Invisalign for adults near Novi, MI.      

Invisalign can help your future.

The age old saying “when you look good, you feel good” certainly applies to your smile. How many times have you been told to dress to impress on an interview? What about on a date or at a social event? Looking your best means wearing your best accessory: your smile. A smile can change everything about your look, your confidence, and as a result, your future. Dr. Ashley Reynolds can help you achieve your best possible smile near Novi, MI today. Invisalign will straighten your teeth, realign your smile, and help you put your best foot forward in the world.      

It doesn’t have to be noticeable.

Many adults shy away from treatment for fear of how they will look while in treatment. Adults often associate the idea of braces with traditional metal appliances, the ones that come with adolescent memories. However, in addition to traditional metal braces, Crescent Orthodontics offers a variety of more fashionable options. These include Invisalign, the clear plastic aligners, and ceramic braces, which are similar to traditional though clearer and less visible. These two alternative take the “awkward teenager” idea out of braces, and put the “glowing smile” in.

Of course, cost is important to consider.

However, depending on how severe the case, the cost of Invisalign can and will vary. Invisalign will most likely be a bit higher in price than traditional braces, but always dependent on how extensive the treatment may be relatively equivalent. Dr. Ashley Reynolds can assess your case individually and match the price that is right for you. The Crescent Orthodontics team are eager to make your experience as cost effective as possible. These prices may seem costly, but Invisalign will increase your confidence and your overall look for the rest of your life; something that could be defined as a priceless investment. Although you it’s difficult to gauge the exact cost of your treatment without meeting with an orthodontist, you can take a look at this Invisalign cost calculator to get a good idea of what your cost will look like.

It is never too late to start straightening your smile. After all, braces can help your job and personal life, without costing too big of a budget. Crescent Orthodontics provides many alternatives to traditional treatment, including Invisalign and clear braces near Novi, MI. Stop by Crescent Orthodontics near Novi, MI or call us today at 248-437-3377 for more information.

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