Invisalign® and Clear Braces for Adults near Northville, MI

A common misconception amongst men and women ages 25 and up, is that they have missed the boat towards obtaining a beautiful and healthy smile now that they are no longer a kid or teenager. While the idea of showing up for an important meeting, job interview, or date with a mouth full of metal braces might be a bit daunting, Dr. Ashley Reynolds and her team have some solutions that can quell some of the apprehension about starting orthodontic treatment.

At Crescent Orthodontics, our adult patients love Invisalign® due to the fact that the aligners are clear and removable! Just as long as they are worn for 22 or more hours per day, patients will see very similar results to that of traditional braces. If you are an adult in Northville, MI looking for the perfect smile, let Dr. Ashley L. Reynolds of Crescent Orthodontics help you regain your confidence and obtain a radiant smile with Invisalign®.

If Invisalign is not the right option for our adult patients due to certain conditions, Crescent Orthodontics also offers Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces. While clear ceramic braces are not removable like Invisalign, they are quite difficult to detect by the casual observer. Dr. Reynolds can combine the use of clear ceramic brackets for the top row of teeth, and traditional metal brackets for the bottom row to increase the durability of your braces.

The perfect smile for adults in Northville, MI is just a call away! Contact Dr. Reynolds at 248.437.3377 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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