Clear Braces Near Wixom, MI

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth but you want to do it discretely?

We at Crescent Orthodontics in South Lyon, MI have the perfect solution for you; clear braces! Clear braces offer the same technique as traditional metal braces but with a more appealing, translucent appearance, allowing you to straighten your teeth invisibly. This is very popular amongst teens who have an image to maintain and adults who feel the whole traditional metal braces thing is a little, well, childish. Clear braces was created with aesthetics in mind. Whether it’s a system with ceramic brackets and clear elastics or the Invisalign® system, both are visually appealing and they give patients a confidence boost during treatment which is important. At Crescent Orthodontics we believe that getting your teeth straightened should not be remembered as a horrific time in your life.

Contact Dr. Ashley L. Reynolds at 248.437.3377 to get fitted for your clear braces TODAY!

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