Invisalign Provider located in South Lyon, MI

The professionals at Crescent Orthodontics offer clear braces options like Invisalign in South Lyon, MI. The Invisalign system features a series of clear, removable aligner trays that our team of Invisalign providers use as one possible alternative to traditional metal braces. Consider using Invisalign to get the perfect teeth alignment you’ve always wanted. A free consultation is available […]

Can Adults in South Lyon, MI get Invisalign?

Dr. Ashley Reynolds - Crescent Orthodontics - South Lyon MI

The answer is yes. Dr. Ashley Reynolds and the professional team at Crescent Orthodontics are certified Invisalign providers in South Lyon, MI. There are a ton of benefits the got with getting Invisalign as an adult. Here are some: · Comfort: Invisalign clear align trays are smooth, and don’t have hard metal materials that can cause […]

Invisalign Available in 48178

Dr. Ashley Reynolds and the team at Crescent Orthodontics offer their patients who live in or work near 48178 Invisalign. The aligner trays are made of a clear, thermoplastic material that are custom made to fit over the teeth. Invisalign in 48178 and all of Oakland County MI is the clear alternative to braces! Invisalign in 48178 What is […]

Invisalign Brighton MI

Dr. Ashley Reynolds and the professional staff of Crescent Orthodontics has the knowledge and experience to treat their patients with Invisalign in Brighton MI. The clear aligners are an alternative to traditional metal braces. The aligners are clear, removable, thermoplastic trays that exert a gentle pressure to shift teeth to an optimal position within the mouth. Benefits of Invisalign Easy […]

Can Invisalign Fix the Gap in My Teeth?

Are you wondering, “Can Invisalign fix the gap in my teeth?” If so, you’re in good company. Most people don’t have a perfect smile and have a slight overbite or another malocclusion. Fortunately, Invisalign is often a great solution and has helped millions of people worldwide. However, to know for sure if Invisalign can fix a gap, […]

WHY Haven’t YOU Had Invisalign Yet?

Dr. Ashley Reynolds - Crescent Orthodontics - South Lyon MI

When it comes to braces you can’t help but think about your appearance while wearing the orthodontic appliance in front of your friends or colleagues at work or school. Well, now you don’t have to worry. Here at Crescent Orthodontics in South Lyon MI, we offer Invisalign! Invisalign patients enjoy the benefits of straightening their […]