Adult Braces/Orthodontics in South Lyon, MI

Dr. Ashley Reynolds - Crescent Orthodontics - South Lyon MI

Many adults are seeking the advice of Dr. Ashley Reynolds in South Lyon, MI, about possible orthodontic treatment options. Regardless of age, it is NEVER too late to have a beautiful smile! Crescent Orthodontics is conveniently located in South Lyon, MI, at the intersection of 10 Mile and Milford Road. Dr. Ashley Reynolds offers many different options for adults […]

Braces South Lyon MI

Dr. Ashley Reynolds - Crescent Orthodontics - South Lyon MI

Braces Available in South Lyon MI At Crescent Orthodontics Dr. Reynolds provides braces for orthodontic treatment in South Lyon, MI. At Crescent Orthodontics we offer two types of braces treatment: Traditional Metal: Metal braces are offered in numerous different colors and represent a brave new expression of confidence. Clarity/Advanced: This is a trusted strength and small bracket design which is […]

Braces in Brighton, MI

Treatment with Braces Available in Brighton, MI At Crescent Orthodontics Dr. Reynods offers braces tretment to her patients in Brighton, MI. There are a number of braces types available, and the team at Crescent Orthodontics can determine which course of treatment is best for your unique needs. What Are the Different Types of Braces? Metal: These are the most […]

Braces for Adults in Oakland County, MI

For adults who are considering orthodontic treatment, braces for adults often seem like a major hassle. But it shouldn’t have to be! Crescent Orthodontics believes that all patients should have a positive experience with orthodontics that goes smoothly and painlessly, and that they should never feel like orthodontic treatment is weighing them down. That is […]